Junk Food – Its Not All Bad

As an obese teenager, Dan Evans dreamed about being a country music performer but knew his weight would keep him out of the spotlight. That all changed when Evans dropped from 310 to 174 lbs while competing on “The Biggest Loser” reality TV Show.

What you do with your sauna, body cleansing, or mind and soul cleansing is your choice. But it would be nice not to have to worry about the power bill. You can go with a wood burning system. But you need to pay for the wood to burn and you have to clean up the ashes that are left. And you have no temperature control on the unit that burns wood for heat.

If you choose to eat (2)… because that is, obviously, more tempting, then you know not only that you aren’t actually hungry at this point, but also that you might be suffering from food addiction. Bad choice again.

If you are like I was and when I felt so buried under the countless times I tried and failed, then you might be able to relate to this. Your mind says, “Hell no! That won’t work.” You might say you have a dream, a burning desire, to become the size and shape you have always wanted, but when someone extends a hand to lead you on to the path of peace, health, and joy in your body, you will find everything wrong with whatever strategy is being offered to you.

This means that we really are not unlike you yourselves for we all use something for comfort. We all are searching. Some of us have an emptiness inside that we are trying to fill as the result of abuse or past hurts, and we are still looking for a way to fill it.

Let me tell you that this does not mean you have a weak will. Compulsive eating (food addiction) is considered by some experts to be more addictive that smoking and not many smokers can give up without assistance.

Money — Eating well can cause some strain on the budget, (although long-term savings on health care) but you might also be worried about affording new clothing for your new body. It can be difficult to see how you can get done everything you need to achieve, if you’re still far from your goal. If you’re short of money now, money can be a huge impediment to success if you let it. Many ways of weight loss are expensive, but natural weight loss is not expensive. The money you save in terms of doctor bills, and replacing clothing can be dramatic.

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Junk Food – Its Not All Bad

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