How To Be A Happy Nurse

Babies are supposed to be cute, cuddly and fun. There’s nothing more disconcerting when that image of the clean, soft smelling baby is distorted by ugly, yellowish, greasy scales on their head or forehead.

Things get even better if you go to college. Even just a couple of years of college to get an associates degree lowers it to less than 7%. It cuts it in half. The medical field is an excellent place to get an education. The aging population is going to require more medical care than in the past. Even if you currently have a job, an Online Nursing school may be able to work around your schedule.

He loved his grandchildren. He drove them to school every morning and picked them up after school. I lived several hours away, when my daughter was born. Often he would tape record himself singing songs, a cappella, like “Froggy Went A’Courtin,” and “My Blue Heaven.” He’d mail them to my daughter so she could listen to them at bedtime. He said he liked to sing her to sleep. He loved children and had a very tender heart.

Three months later, a float nurse (one who isn’t assigned to a given floor but can be assigned to anywhere extra staff was needed) had been working in the ICU on the day Jim had arrived. When assigned to the floor on which June worked, the float Nursing Continuing Education and Florida Nursing CEUs told June that Jim had recovered well and had been sent home with a C-PAP machine to help him with his breathing at night.

I had been there 7 minutes when I whispered, “You can go now daddy.” He took one more gasp and his breathing stopped. My hand was on the top of his head. I felt a spark of electricity come out through my hand.

He was an alcoholic who stayed drunk for many years after he and my mother divorced. Finally, when I was sixteen he stopped drinking, cold turkey! He never drank again.

If you get the right answers to the above mentioned questions, you can find the best Online LPN school, get on with your studies and move on with your career.

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How To Be A Happy Nurse

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