Home Sales: Do You Really Know The Tax Exclusion Rules?

At the start of a working year in commercial real estate agency, we all like to think that this year can and will be better than last year. Improving each year is really a part of being an agent. That is how you build market share and your client base.

If trying to buy a five unit apartment requires commercial financing, which to you is a big hassle, then you shouldn’t even consider it. You should think big and go for, let’s say, a ten unit apartment. The more units you buy together, the cheaper the price per unit. Take advantage of such deals and don’t be afraid to make a big purchase.

Never tell an agent what other agencies have valued your home to be. They may try to manipulate the offers. Make proper enquiries from various City Garden agencies; speak to the right people in charge. Enquire about their charges. Bargaining always helps as the fees are negotiable.

One way to minimize this risk is to buy property that will produce some income – preferably enough to cover these costs. If there is an old house on the property that you can rent out, for example, you might have a free-ride while you wait for a new mall developer to make you an offer. If it takes a few years, you’re still okay.

Condition Matters. You may want to focus on the exterior first. Remember that the first thing a buyer will see is the exterior of the house so it is very important that you make a good first impression A well-maintained home is absolutely more appealing than a house that obviously needs a lot of repairs so you’ll need that certain “wow” factor. Repaint the walls and have the floor cleaned and waxed, also make sure that all the windows are squeaky clean.

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The last way is one of the most important aspect of selling the house is to make sure the house is clean. Any time that you know of a buyer or an open house is coming up, do a thorough cleaning of the house. The house should look very appealing from the start to the people who are willing to buy the house. This means the inside and outside of the house including the closets, garage, and yard. You should get a professional carpet cleaner to come clean the carpet for you.

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Home Sales: Do You Really Know The Tax Exclusion Rules?

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