It’s Mouse Season In Vancouver: How To Keep Rodents From Making Your Home Their Home

Are you a sewing queen? A seamstress diva? Do you lug your sewing kit everywhere you go? Well, Grandma wants her sewing kit back. It’s time to upgrade from the archaic sewing boxes to stylish new handmade sewing bags that can be repurposed for any handbag need.

There are plenty of vegetarian choices here – after all, it’s a health food store. You can get an organic Kale salad (coupon here), Portobello Mushroom Burger, Pesto Tofu Pita, or even grab grilled tofu on soba noodles from the fridge case to go.

Initially, little thought was given by us to joining a wholesale club, but a mailing received in our home from BJ’s caught our attention. We knew that Sam’s Club was also located in our town, while the closest Costco was in Durham — a thirty minute trek. Thus, our consideration to join would have only been between BJ’s and Sam’s Club. So, what was the deciding factor? Two free months of introductory membership! Yes, we “fell” for it.

Meat, poultry, fish and raw vegetables should enter the microwave straight from the refrigerator, canned and Blankenship Dry Goods should be at room temperature when attempting to cook them. This is to ensure that the food items cook at the correct pace, not too fast or too slow.

Stockpiling food by homemade canning can provide you and your family with healthy cooked food that is ready to eat with no electricity or fuel needed.

Great prices. It goes without saying that shipping costs are one of your primary concerns. When a large shipping broker contracts with thousands of carriers, he will be in a position of being able to offer you the most competitive quotes in the business.

Finally, you might eat in the kitchen. But you won’t find too many kitchen organization rules that apply to this task since this is mostly just about enjoying the end product from cooking.

Last but not least, organize your “sticky” items (honey, syrup, oils) on a backing sheet. This will keep your pantry free from leaks that get all of everything.

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It’s Mouse Season In Vancouver: How To Keep Rodents From Making Your Home Their Home

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