Five Ways To Reduce Your Food Budget

Empty wine bottles take up room in the landfill so don’t just toss them. And some are so beautiful, it’s a shame to simply recycle them. Here are a few ideas for recycling your old wine bottles, corks, and even the labels.

The price of basic essentials is going up. Sam’s clubs recently started rationing how much rice you can buy. Add to this issue the obscene price of energy and you have a recipe for disaster. Money is stretched thin, budgets are stretched to the limit, yet there is no relief on the horizon. This situation isn’t going to turn around any time soon.

When ants find food, they establish a trail that leads back to their nest outside. Apparently, the common household ant is a social creature of extreme compassion. They are not selfish but will go to extremes to share the wealth with all who live in their community. Ants live in colonies and have a communication system cast more effectively than the Internet.

While the store at Kahala has a small selection of produce, along with Blankenship Dry Goods and a beauty and supplements section as well as the deli, the downtown venue is more of a deli, with seats and tables inside.

Receiving coins from long ago that touch your own family history brings a sense of participation, albeit through inheritance, in the life of long ago.

Get a glass cutter and cut the neck off the wine bottles. Grind down the tops to make them smooth and use the empty wine bottles for drinking glasses or vases.

When I first lived on my own, I made the mistake of shoving all of my coupons in an envelope and carting the whole envelope to the store and back. This meant I had to shuffle through the whole lot to find what I need. When you keep the coupons is a special place in your home, they are a lot easier to manage.

Transport drinks in the wine bottles to a picnic or pot luck. Cap with the original cork or secure with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Lemonade and tea look beautiful in clear wine bottles.

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Five Ways To Reduce Your Food Budget

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