Brain Injuries – 10 Facts You Need To Know!

Three years ago at the trading deadline, the Lightning traded Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist to the Dallas Stars for Jussi Jokinen, Jeff Halpern and Mike Smith. Smith was the major player in the deal… he was Marty Turco’s backup and was deemed ready to hold down the pipes fulltime.

This compensation for post concussion syndrome team is like a tripod. At the top there is my mentor, a man who knows me best of all. It’s the best situation that I have ever been in, because I am now going from Flawed to Fantastic.

I am already at the juncture at which I have shed most of my material possessions. Ties with others have been temporarily (or partially) severed. So is this my launching point? The place at which I depart from my old life, embracing a new found purpose and understanding of life, and self, or can I be so shallow as to view this as a situation of circumstance? And if I can be so shallow, then isn’t the question how to profit from my situation; to turn it around, and reacquire some material security?

Lisa, I can’t wait to tell everyone the good news about my dad. First, I will give some background. He will be 89 in December and has had alzheimer’s almost 9 years. For several years, he has had no memory of past or present events. He can only remember in the moment. He has only been able to speak in a few words with no interest in the actions around him. He doesn’t know us by name but knows that we are important to him.

The emotions, fears, feelings of helplessness, uncertainties, and witnessing miracles over the next year made this experience one of the most humbling of my life. As I flew three hours on the plane, I was frantic with thoughts of whether I would make it in time to sign the papers that would save her life. What if I signed the papers and she died? Would her family blame me? How do I tell her son what happened? Do I fly her son to see her in the hospital before she dies? How will her son cope with the sight of her in the hospital? I prayed to God that she would survive and everything would be O.K.

You should rest for a while. Do not do any exercise or play any sports. You should wait until all of your symptoms go away before you do physical activities again to let your brain heal. If you do not rest and let your symptoms go away, then your brain is going to take longer to heal. You should see your doctor after the symptoms have disappeared to get the o.k. to start being active and exercising like normal. Slowly start exercising after your symptoms are gone, do not just jump right back into it. If you feel strange or any of the symptoms you had come back, stop.

The bottom line is that parents know their child best. They know their child before and after the injury. They have seen their child through all stages of emergency and medical care. While professionals and programs come and go in a child’s life, with very few exceptions, parents are the constant in the child’s life.

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Brain Injuries – 10 Facts You Need To Know!

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