Become A Radio Dj – Start Your Own Radio Station!

With all of the various sites that he is on Flix is maintaining a blog and an internet magazine of his own to promote rap and hip hop artists in general and himself and his skills specifically. He is not only pursuing his dreams in music, Flix is also studying for a degree in Information Technology with the University of Phoenix online. It is clear that this man has a lot on the ball. The following is an excerpt from my conversation with Flix May 7th.

First, you will need someone to do the broadcast. That can be a family member, friend or a Professional Wedding Videographer. You will also need a laptop, an internet connection and a broadcast service.

Some of it was determination. Some of it – sheer unwillingness to write copy espousing the wonders of someone else’s work. And some…well, I guess our founder recognizes talent when he sees one. Hey private broadcoasting kidding kidding…

Want to have your won radio station then start using the internet software that would help in obtaining music. Through the broadcasting software you will be able to start broadcasting the radio online. To help you out there are several applications are available that would offer you to start radio online. This is a good way by which you can let your listeners hear their favorite tracks. The internet software is used widely. With its capacity of long hour’s music it won’t let you listeners to hear any repeated track. In internet you could find several broadcasting software, so choose the one which would fulfill your aim.

His team mixes together the audio source from sound card which can be currently playing MP live voice or other inputs from CD players etc It then makes a stream of data that is rnx tv sent on the fly to xEOL.

I also asked Flix “If you blow up like you’re hoping to do are there any baby mama’s going to pop out of the woodwork and sue you?” He laughed and said, “Not really, well maybe one.” It may not be a pretty truth but at least he is comfortable with the truth and keeping things real about himself. I asked him about what he envisions happening with him when his music hits and he blows up. I am sure that you can picture how your life will be once you get your break, will you stay in Las Vegas or is there somewhere else that you have always wanted to live?

As far as I’m concerned, this program is NOT worth the nearly $50 price tag. And, unless they come up with a major (running well) upgrade in the near future (they promise free upgrades for the next year), I would see myself tossing this $50 in the trash. It was worth it to see that this form of media is not ready for prime time players.

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Become A Radio Dj – Start Your Own Radio Station!

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