Android Voice Commands – Android Voice Actions Basics

Using Android Voice Commands makes it so you don’t have to type as much on your phone. That is really nice as most of us have fingers that are larger than the phone’s keypad, and if we are trying to do many things at once slowing down to type on the phone can be a bit of a pain.

When it comes to music, the Sony Ericsson X10 allows you to listen to any track you desire with little effort. Music is broken down into 2 categories, “My Music” and “PlayNow”. On “My Music”, you get to select from recently added, recently played, and favorite tracks. On “PlayNow”, you get to connect to Sony Ericsson’s music store and choose, purchase, and download all new tracks. Here, you both get the top 10 hits and recommendations.

There are many apps for playing music in the android market. Player pro is a very good app and most probably the best one you will find, you should definitely look into it.

TuneWiki is a social deezer premium download that lets users share and comment about what they’re listening to right now. It’s not an internet radio service like Last.FM, but it’s a great way for someone to declare their love for Lady Gaga or whoever they listen to. Plus, the droid app also provides lyrics for audiophiles that like to sing-a-long while playing MP3s off of their device.

The sound quailty of the Sony Ericsson z710 seems very natural better than the w600 and w810. Actually so far.. I think the w300 is the most natural sounding one of them. Both this z710 and the k790 have a separate media player. The normal walkman/music application usually in the 6 position of the main menu, but the new interface does not support music. But instead you have to go to the Games menu and the 2nd option is a Video Player.

Now, you can easily obtain word definitions with your iPhone. There is a built-in dictionary that can be accessed through most apps. All you do is press and hold on any word you want, and a pop-up option that says “Define” will be on the screen. You can get the definition of any words, including the words on your emails, reminders, etc.

Scrabble is a popular English plate game. Users can move the cursor to the certain area with the controller, once the direction is chosen, you can enter the words. This game has a Smart Select Directory option including very useful 2-letter words.

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Android Voice Commands – Android Voice Actions Basics

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