6 Date Ideas For Food Lovers

I remember a friend I had years ago. Her children were a few years older than my own, but close enough they could enjoy one another’s company when my friend and I visited with each other. My friend was constantly on the go: volleyball, basketball, softball, football, church, chorus concert, and every other event under the sun. I thought it was a bit over the top and didn’t understand why she punished herself by going all the time. All it takes is a simple “no” to your kids – no, we can’t go out for that sport this year. It’s not traumatic, but it could help reserve a little bit of sanity.

Baked Roots: Bake garnet yam, yellow fin or purple potato and keep in fridge. The combination of cold broccoli and yellow fins are one of my favorites! The garnet yams contain beta carotene, a good source of vitamin A.

While you’re in the kitchen, find out if there are adjustments you can make there to improve mom’s efficiency later on. If you can introduce some new kitchen storage tools to help ease some of her organization pain, you really are a great friend.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced with this new lifestyle is Meal Prep aration and kitchen duty. I called upon my experienced friend for some tips about how to “get it all done” including shopping, Poverty Meal Prep, clean-up and dishwashing. She suggested I invest in some good kitchen organizers. If everyone pitches in on a job or two and uses the kitchen organizers to quickly get their task completed, then we can all benefit. The burden won’t fall on any one person (usually mom).

Now, lay the mouth of the glass so the newspaper is overlapping the lip by almost half. Roll the newspaper tightly around the glass, creating a mold of the glass as you go. Stuff the overlapped edge in on itself inside the mouth of the glass. Practice will yield a sturdier pot. (Attempt at least three times before throwing your hands up in utter despair, driving to the nearest Garden Center, and buying every small pot in stock.) Gently wiggle the “pot” off the glass, and use the bottom of the glass pushed inside the “pot” to stamp down the paper folds inside. Fill with dirt, and set on a plastic tray to catch drips. Now, plant your seeds!

Are you early for a meeting and want to get something done? Declutter your car! Gather up all the recyclables, including plastic bottles, soda cans and paper, and put them in a bag. Put all trash in another bag. Use a damp cloth or disposable wipe to clean all surfaces. Group any remaining things that you need to remove from your car later, such as clothes and newly purchased items. When you leave your car, take all the trash and recycling with you. Remove the other items as soon as you get a chance. If you’re picking up clients for a meeting, they’ll appreciate the serene setting you’ve just created in your car.

Keep in mind your diet goals when stocking up the freezer. Have shrimp, whole grain waffles, veggies and frozen berries at your finger tips. Having these items on hand makes healthy meal prep a breeze.

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6 Date Ideas For Food Lovers

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